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Sunday, 8 May 2011


Once again I seem to have found myself with a number of different projects on the go.
I have managed to finish some but on such tight deadlines I didn't get photos. I was seaming baby shoes at 11.30 this morning ready for a Christening at 1pm! Talk about a rush job! I blame hubby, he received the invite a long time ago from a work colleague but I wasn't informed until Thursday evening. So a panicked rummage through my stash produced some Wendy Beach Baby in lovely pink, yellow and purple and this hat was cast on. I then made these to go with it. Fingers crossed for a photo in situ!

I also made this as a part of my nieces 6th birthday present. She stayed with us for Christmas and complained of a cold nose when out playing with 1 and 2 so I made her a "nose hat". She loved it so much, that when I saw this on Ravelry I just knew I had to make it for her!!
Here it is modelled by yours truly as neither of my monkeys would!

I had to resize from the original pattern to fit her little face but it was a case of downsizing yarn and needles! (if you look really closely in the top left corner there is a photo of my niece on the bookshelf!)

I am also working my way through this...

And lastly a sneak peak at what Hubby dearest is making me...

Can you guess what it is?? I am soooo excited!

See you soon x

1 comment:

  1. Little niece loves her new nose-warmer!!
    You are just too creative!!
    hugs Nic xxxx