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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Man Down...

We are having an accident prone month, by we I mainly mean #2-my monkey girl.

Cute huh?

Anyways... last Saturday she was climbing on a climbing frame and decided to jump off...from about 6 feet up...onto a concrete floor...and shes 3...
luckily (for her) I was next to where she was climbing (as I know what she is like) and managed to catch her arm and lower her gently to the ground...well so was the plan, unfortunately there was a metal bar between me, her and the floor. So Monkey Girl had a slightly rougher landing than I planned but got up and ran to climb again and mama spent the afternoon getting x-rays and a week of doing no knitting! No breaks but muscle and nerve damage, ouch.

Then when dancing at Grandmas she spun herself dizzy, fell over and got a nice hearth shaped bruise across the top of her butt cheeks.

Then she fell out the bath...nice bruised leg.

Then yesterday..the worst sound in the world...BUMP, BUMP, BUMP and SCREAM. Thank God for the scream though. Yep down the stairs she had gone, from the very top to the very bottom

Egg head

and this was after doing the same at Christmas with slightly messier results

Oh, look same place!! (sorry for pic quality its a mobile)

And lastly today, Monkey Girl was on the other end of the pain, she gave poor quiet #1, my Freckles, a split lip by throwing a book at her!

All in all not a lot of knitting or crafting getting done...

See you soon with better luck I hope!


  1. Did we put our own mothers through this too?

  2. Haha most likely! I know my brother did. he had stitches in his knee when a picture fell off the wall and stabbed him, and stitches in the back of his thigh when he kicked a stick, missed it and got it stuck in! The joys of mamahood hey?