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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Why are pirates called pirates???

Cos they ARHHHH!!!
Yeah I know you've heard it, but it still made you smile right?

Monkey girls preschool had a pirate party today, why? I'm not sure but they all had fun so it was worth it! I was lucky that we already had a costume that we got for Freckles when she was a tiddler, luckier still that Monkey girl is so tiny and it still fits her! (its 12-18 months and shes 3!) Look how cute she looked...

Ok, maybe its a touch on the small side but it looked good!

The only thing that we were missing was an eye patch and she really wanted one, so what Monkey wants Monkey gets!

So out came the needles..4.5mm as they were nearest to hand and palm sized ball of black DK

I cast on 16 st
Knit row
Purl row
K2tog, knit to last two st, K2tog
Repeat last 2 rows till 2 st left
cast off and weave in ends
measure enough yarn to wrap round head and attach to top two corners. I used two pieces so it could be tied. Elastic would work too but I was tired by this point!

That's it, done! Here it is gorgeously modelled by hubby

See you soon!


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