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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Still No Knitting...

Yup, sadly no knitting, part of this is due to a certain game on a certain game console that keeps me and Hubby learning spells and traipsing around a magical castle till stupid o'clock! Its fun but I'm shattered and I cant knit and play at the same time :-(

Anywho I did manage to do some up cycling! I really wanted to put up lots of photos but the type of frames I wanted were very expensive so I had a root around in the loft and this is what I came up with..

I started with some old frames. Hubby got these from an office he was refurbishing, they were throwing them away but he really liked them. They graced our walls for a few years before we had the kidlets and photos replaced art.

I rubbed them down and primed and painted them.

I cut some card to fit the frame and mounted my favourite photos. I wanted to use the pretty corner holders that you get in posh photo albums but I couldn't find any! I used acid free double sided craft tape in the end.

A quick clean of the glass, and I was done!

I am so happy with this, I have more frames knocking about so I think I will be doing this again!

See you soon


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