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Monday, 23 May 2011

Last Minute

Its the Birthday of a dear friend today and I had bought her some gifts that I thought she would like but decided at the last minute that I wanted to make her something too. I happened to have some jars and had just stocked up on sugar so I made a sugar scrub. From decision to gift wrap it took 30 minutes tops!

3 cups sugar
1 cup oil
few drops scent (I chose lemon)

Mix together

Jar up. Done! If I had had more time I would have printed a smarter label but I pretty much spooned it in the jar, wiped it down, stuck on the sticker, wrapped it and went to see my friend!

Oh and just a little peek at Monkey Girl

My little knitter...so cute!
See you soon



  1. I've been meaning to try to make this. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. LOve it. I always do coffee scrub. The recipe is very similar, but instead of the sugar I use used coffee grounds, and a teaspoon of sea salt.
    btw, you might want to check out my coffee body lotion!

  3. Ooooo I bet this smells AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! :)