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Monday, 9 May 2011

Looming Marvelous!

Look what my lovely darling hubby made me!! My very own loom! Its very basic and knitting productivity will be limited but we have ideas on how to make changes/improvements. He will hopefully make a loom with the pegs in a circle/rectangle with a hole in the middle for knitting in the round too, its all in the drawing board of his mind!

The loom itself was easy to make, just an off cut of wood (rescued from a skip at work!) and some wooden dowels. In this case 15mm dowels were used, it makes for a loose knit when DK weight is used so will be using bulky or perhaps fabric strips in the future.

This is the wood marked out for drilling, there are 12 pins along the top edge, 8 along the bottom and then 2 at one edge. This gives three options of knitting...cool hey?

The pegs have a hole drilled through the bottom and a loop of wool is passed through. Wind your wool in and out of each peg, back and forth across the board to till the pegs are full then simply lift each peg and slide the loops off the peg on to the yarn. (make sure the yarn is knotted at the bottom so the loops don't fall off the end!)

In progress

Finished sample, it looks loose but is actually a fairly firm fabric with little movement. I thought it might make a cute potholder!

I am off to experiment with different yarns and tensions. Will update with any progress!

See you soon x




  1. I got to this link from Skip to my Lou. Did you know this is actually a medieval technique called stick weaving? Vikings used this type of weaving (with smaller mandrils and thinner fibers) to make trimming for their clothing! I've seen some beautiful variations with multiple colors wrapped together. I hope you're having fun with your weaving!

  2. Oh no I didnt know this! Thankyou so much! Ooh will have to google this and find out more. Im so excited about learning more about this and trying more styles.
    Thanks again
    Rea x