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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Fever!

Hello, I am very excited about the royal wedding tomorrow! We are planning a garden party to celebrate, we have bunting and Union Jack plates and cups and a competition for the best crown!! Fingers crossed it stays sunny please!

#1 is having a wedding themed day at school today, she only went back yesterday after the Easter break and they are off again tomorrow and Monday, so the teachers decided to have a fun day. They get to dress in wedding attire and will be doing all sorts of fabulous things! We had a slight panic when her dress from September (when she was a flower girl) didn't fit anymore but we found a better long dress so she has gone dressed as a bride instead!

From September

This morning! A bit bleary eyed still, bless her!

I made the flowers last night using crepe paper, clear wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, ribbon and some thin protective foam wrapping that our new DVD player came in! Random right??

They were really simple, cut 3 circles of paper in decreasing sizes for each flower (I used 2 clear and a pink crepe in between and made 3 flowers), pinch together at the centres and attach to pipe cleaners (I used tape as it is hidden). I then cut out leaves from green tissue paper and arranged around the flowers, securing again with tape. Then I cut a circle of thin foam with a slit to the center and rolled it into a wide cone around the flowers and secured with ribbon. Done!

I also made a quick veil! using the same thin foam, I simply cut a rectangle, pleated one end and stitched the pleats in place. I used wool to stitch to prevent it ripping.

I left tails of wool to tie it into her hair and cut the bottom edge into a slight wave. When I put it in her hair I tied a ribbon over the pleats to make it look even prettier!

Simple and free so if it get trashed at school, who cares???

Need to go and do some baking for tomorrow, it going to be very English...cream cakes, cucumber sandwiches oh and Pimms of course!!

See you soon!



  1. That is so fun! What a pretty little bride:> I hope she had a fun day! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It totally made my day:>

  2. What a fun school your daughter goes to!

    Thanks for linking up at Creative Juice. Hope to see you back tonight!