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Monday, 25 April 2011

Finally some knitting...

Hello! Hope your Easter has been fabulous! We are inundated with chocolate here so we will be doing some choc based baking in the near future, Yum!

I finally managed to finish a knitting project that has been on the cards for nearly a year and which ended up taking just an evening to complete start to finish. I feel a little ashamed that I have taken so long to do it especially as it was requested my friends beautiful daughter!

So here it is, Ruya's Hairband...

It is super easy and there are similar patterns out there but this is how I did mine

With DK on 4.5mm dpns cast on 3 stitches and work about 6" i-cord

Inc in each stitch

K1,inc 1 across (9st)

Work in moss stitch (K1,P1) for desired length, (from the bottom of one ear to the other in this case)

K1, K1tog across

K2tog across

Work i-cord to 6"

Weave in ends. Done!

I added a knit flower too but embellish as you see fit!

Without flower

With flower and a button.

Can't wait to give it too her, I hope she still wants one!!!

Am super excited as Hubby has just finished making me a sewing area! Can start working through my stash of material at last :-)

See you soon!



  1. Thankyou, am really pleased with it!

  2. Photo of your new sewing area??????? Hey, since you knew what that fifth needle was for, maybe you know what those little red things are in my swag bag?

    Love this little flower with button! Cute!

  3. Hi Jerri, I think as far as I can tell, the red things are point protectors, to put on the end of your needles when youre not knitting to stop the stiches falling off. (Uber annoying)
    Pics will be up soon I promise, just having slight issues with a damaged wrist! (and the fact we had wedding celebrations at the weekend so the sewing area became a temporary dumping ground!) Tsk tsk I know, but Im on it!!

  4. Love the color combo {those were my wedding colors!}